Marjorie Henise is the founder and creative brain behind Destination Main Street, an online guide to unique small businesses throughout America. She has a soft spot for downtowns, Main Streets, store fronts, parades, and nostalgia. Marjie loves exploring unconventional places, meeting new people, and rediscovering small-town America. The more off the beaten path something is, the more she loves it! Marjie has spent her career championing small businesses and, through social media, found a way to share her passion of small town life.

Marjie wants to bring back the small town, personal feel of Main Streets and the local businesses by visiting small towns across the country to tell their stories. The goal of Destination Main Street is to tell the story of not only the shops, but also the towns and communities they represent. Coming from a small town herself, Marjie knows the value of being a neighbor first, and looks forward to helping more local businesses flourish.

Marjie is an advocate for small businesses. She holds a degree in Business Management, as well as a Teaching Certification in Marketing and Office Technologies. Beginning her career as a marketing consultant at the Small Business Development Center at PSU-Middletown, she then worked for the Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies at HACC, where she became aware of how much small businesses could benefit from social media. Marjie worked at a local ad agency until founding her own business, Destination Main Street, to focus on social media strategy and management.

What Marjie Can Do for You

Marjie has her finger on the pulse with the latest social media trends, and applies her creativity, trend-setting expertise, and diligent work ethic to every project. From photography, to photo editing, marketing and managing, Marjie’s innovative approach to provide excellent service for social media marketing earned one of her clients the Outstanding Social Media Award for 2017. Marjie possesses a willingness to learn and listen, which allows her to understand current trends and lifestyles of communities and their small businesses. Contact Marjie to learn more about what she can do for you!