Having grown up with a father who started his own small business, I have been subjected to all of the trials and successes that go hand in hand with being an entrepreneur. It was Henise Tire Service, and as a little girl, I remember watching my father’s routine as he closed down his shop each night. 

He would start in the maintenance shop and check that everything was shut down properly, then move through the door to the cap shop where he took a little longer to check on things. This room was always the noisiest and the smelliest. Huge metal tire molds were everywhere, and it was HOT… the smell of burning rubber permeated everything. Even after all the molds were turned off earlier in the day, it was still hot and stinky!

After a complete walkthrough to check on safety issues, we would loop around through another door that took us into the administrative and sales offices. Not much to check there, but as a little kid, that’s where all the fun lived. The candy dishes on employees desks, the water cooler with those goofy cone-shaped cups, the now ancient adding machines and typewriters . . . imagine the decor on the set of Mad Men, and you’ve got the idea. 

Dad would finish up some of the day’s details in his office, while I would meander through the offices and the showroom. I remember my little hands gently tracing over the treads of the tires on display in the showroom. They seemed so big to me. 

Finally, dad would come out and systematically switch off all the lights and walk us out through the showroom and the side door, where he would set the alarm system. That was his routine. And because I was the little girl of a businessman, I also knew the routine. To this day, I can still remember the colors and smells of that place.

So, what does this have to do with the renovation of an old one-room schoolhouse? Let me tell you . . . 

This is where my father started his tire business. I can remember seeing the chalkboards where he kept track of inventory using tally marks under different tire categories. So the memories of this place go back pretty far for me, and while I have forged a different road in my life, my brother and his family have taken over the reins all these years. And they have done an amazing renovation that I can’t wait for all of you to see!

Henise Tire Service
2019 Open House
Saturday, August 24th from 8:00am – 2:00pm
558 W. Penn Avenue, Cleona, PA 17042

I am excited to share this great event with all of you! It’s the ultimate before-and-after of a little old one-room schoolhouse that means quite a bit to me… it is the one in which my father started his business back in 1956… and is now run by my brother and his family. I invite you to join me this Saturday for an up-close look at this amazing renovation of Sunnyside Schoolhouse!

Here is the Facebook event: 

There will be fun for the whole family, a self-guided tour around the entire building, including this newly renovated 110-year old schoolhouse. We will have coffee and donuts in the morning and grilled bologna sandwiches at lunch. Prize bag giveaways every half hour and a GRAND PRIZE announced here on Facebook at the end of the day. Don’t miss out!!

📸 Thank you Joe Stima for sharing the beautiful nighttime photo with us!

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